Clean hands to promote health in Manizales


“Washing hands with soap and water is the most economical and effective strategy for helping to prevent diseases.” This was stated by the Planning Coordinator of the Ministry of Health, Ana María Ocampo Mejía, who highlighted the “Clean Hands Agreement, More Health Project”, which is in the process of approval by the Council of Manizales.

The objective of this proposal is to prevent diseases and ensure that the capital of Caldas is identified as a city with cleaner and healthier hands. Precisely, what the Draft Agreement seeks, explained Ocampo, is to work in educational, community and work settings to create frequent hygiene habits. “The proposal is to create an inter-institutional group that has specific functions to articulate actions,” she said.

The doctor Eduardo de la Cadena Peláez, commented that all the means that people touch with their hands are contaminated; according to the degree of contamination, the type of disease will depend. He added that just as it is possible to be in contact with non-dangerous germs, there is a possibility that these are harmful to health; in that case, the probability of contamination to others, especially the elderly and children, would be greater.

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