Age and experience: difficulties of young people to find work


Manizales is an university city with about 48,000 university students although Labor Day is celebrated tomorrow, according to the second national report on employment-oriented education of the Colombian Network of Cities How We Go, in the capital of Caldas, one in five young people between 18 and 24 years old no study or work.

According to experts, the most frequent problems in the professional world are academic training, inclusion in new trends and lack of experience. The economist Laura Manuela Gálvez Santos said that “although there are job opportunities for young people in the Colombian economy, there is also a considerable gap between academic training and the requirements of firms, which is why it is difficult to enter into the labor market,” she mentioned that if you do not have some kind of previous work experience, it will be even more difficult for them to hire you.

Although one of the alternatives is entrepreneurship, in Colombia it is not easy, since it is ranked 60th in ease of doing business in the world. According to Alejandro Barrera Escobar, economist and master in Economics and Finance, in the specific case of young people “the greatest difficulty could be associated with the lack of experience that limits it even for determining factors such as access to sources of financing resources”.

But there are cases, such as that of the advertising agency SCMEDIOS of Sebastián Camilo Chaverra Londoño, which present a different panorama. This venture was born in 2016 and is focused on the creation of web pages. For its creator, who starts his career in Systems Engineering and Telecommunications, “the creation of a company in Manizales is viable, since it is necessary to develop innovative ideas that generate more employment opportunities for others”, and pointed out that although educational support is lacking On the part of the government, “the market of the city is good and it is virgin”.

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