Archives of the Constituent Assembly of 1991 are in the University of Manizales


Otty Patiño Hormaza, who was a militant of the demobilized guerrilla group M-19, donated to the University of Manizales the archives of the National Constituent Assembly of 1991. There are nine boxes, each with seven folders and each folder with 25 or 30 files, some 2,000 documents at the service of the university community.

During the five months that Patiño was in the National Constituent Assembly, from February to July 91, he received correspondences from citizens, organizations and documents of other constituents that he organized and used for his contributions in the construction of the 1991 Constitution.

One of the purposes of the donations is that students can easily access these files to do research related to the constituent. “Why am I going to have these files, if I can offer them to the citizens, especially the students and the University of Manizales, to which I am delivering, not only a wealth, but a very big job that I did,” he said. Patiño, who three years ago is a member of the Observatory and Chair of Peace in the same institution.

About Patiño Hormaza

In 1974 he defected from Architecture of the U. del Valle to found the M-19. He was one of the leaders of this guerrilla, planned actions such as the taking of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and the theft of arms in the North Canton in Bogotá. He made part of the constituent as representative of AD M-19.

One of those in charge of receiving these files is Ricardo Uribe, leader of documentary management and information, who expressed that these documents are not yet available to the educational community, due to the treatment that should be given to them by the Central Archive of the institution.

The first step to follow is to evaluate, according to the criteria, how the conservation process will be carried out in the archive and then digitize them. “Next week we will have the first meeting with the internal archive committee of the UM, in which the decision of the process that has to be taken to handle these documents is made.”

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