Villamaría, Caldas, wants to be the thermal capital of Colombia

An alliance of six companies of the thermal sector of Villamaría seeks to promote the municipality as a thermal territory of great importance in the country. The project was presented to the Ministry of Industry and Tourism for the approval of promotional activities and marketing of the tourism product.
“We decided to choose Villamaría for being the region where the six thermal springs are concentrated and to supply the swimming pools of the tourist centers and thus declaring it as the thermal capital of Colombia. The idea is not to promote any thermal but to the municipality to make it known nationally and internationally”, said Jorge William Ramírez Ramírez, director of hydrotherapy.
The project was approved on April 4, 2019. The dissemination activities will be developed between June and December. “A visual brand will be designed to identify the hydrotherapy of Villamaría and Caldas, as well as promotional videos, photographic records, and publicity pieces”, said Jhon Edison García Díaz, ecotourism advisor of the Town Council of Villamaría.
At present, the companies that make up the project generate 170 direct jobs. Caldas has seven tourist hot spring resorts, one in Pennsylvania and six in Villamaría, which has the highest number of hot springs in the department.
What are thermal waters?
“They are underground waters that are filtered by cracks of the earth, these waters are mineralized with the same properties and components of the earth, they reach magmatic bodies near the surface, they enter the underground drainage where they are heated, their temperature varies according to the distance that travels below the earth. These waters only appear where there are magmatic bodies or let’s say volcanic areas”, said Andrea Gómez Gómez, geologist graduated from the University of Caldas.

Caldas has 33 water births of this type and 23 belong to Villamaría. It is called thermal waters to the mineral waters that leave the ground with more than 5ºC than the superficial temperature.

Picture by Vive Colombia

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