Manizales, city with less deaths because of traffic accidents in the Coffee Region


Among the three capitals of the Coffee Region, Manizales has maintained the lowest figures of deaths because of traffic accidents during the three last years, said the pedagogical traffic manager, José Fernando Álvarez Villada. Controls, regulation and campaigns have taken effect. While in 2016 in Manizales 46 people died in traffic accidents, in Pereira there were 85 and in Armenia 75. In 2017 there were 47 in the capital of Caldas, 70 in Risaraldas’ and 86 in the Quindío and for the year passed the figures were 50, 80 and 55 respectively.

Through pedagogical campaigns directed to cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and drivers of public service, a series of actions have been carried out together with the National Road Safety Agency to identify places of high accident rate, in addition to increasing the presence at high points: schools, universities, shopping centers, among others, explained Álvarez Villada. “We have realized that this is a matter of citizen culture,” he said.

In Colombia, according to Legal Medicine, between January and July of last year there were 3,704 deaths according to this issue. The cities with the highest figures were Bogotá, Cali and Medellin. Traffic accidents are the second cause of death in the country.

Diego Alexander Escobar García, expert in mobility and road safety, believes that the information speaks for itself, which means that comparatively with the other cities of the Coffee Region decisions have been taken that have seen reflected in positive results. According to Garcia “we never have to continue taking precautionary measures to look for this type of results, there is more to do and it will always be missing”. However, he said that early childhood education in schools, universities and different parts of the city, added to road training activities on the roads, have improved behavior.

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