Increasimg in obesity worries experts


According to a study published by the British medical journal The Lancet, eleven million people died in the world in 2017 due to poor diet, the majority were due to cardiovascular diseases, cancer or type 2 diabetes, often associated with sedentary lifestyles and obesity. As for Manizales, the latter has become a public health problem.

“We are in a stage where there is a lot of information and little education, subjected to a quantity of data that unfortunately sometimes are false. The food industry pays false advertising to misinform people, in addition to the high levels of stress in society that for lack of time are fed poorly, “explained the nutritionist specializing in diabetes education, María Isabel Velásquez Duque.

The study concluded that the factors of poor diet with more incidence in deaths were the excessive consumption of salt along with insufficient intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and milk, while the consumption of sugar, fat and milk was lower. Red meat. Of the 195 countries analyzed, the highest proportion of deaths related to poor diet was recorded in Uzbekistan (195), followed by Afghanistan (194), Marshall Islands (193) and Papua New Guinea (192).

The lowest proportion of this type of deaths was recorded in Israel, the first classified with only 89 deaths per 100,000 people; France occupied the second position, Spain the third; Japan, the fourth. Colombia was 31.

In Manizales, the official in the area of ​​Nutrition of the City Hall of Manizales, Claudia Liliana Valencia Gutiérrez, expressed her concern about obesity: “Food in our region is based on meals high in saturated fats and processed flours leaving aside the contribution of fibers, vitamins and minerals, we found that in the municipality women who are in the range of 18 to 64 are the ones who suffer more obesity and overweight “, due to this situation, this year they develop healthy eating initiatives. may be unaesthetic: One in four adults suffers from obesity in Colombia).

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