Manizales, with less homicides in 2019


The indicators of citizen perception about security in the capital of Caldas (75% of its inhabitants feel safe), agree with the latest reports from the Departmental Government Secretariat. According to the head of this office, Carlos Alberto Piedrahíta Gutiérrez, Manizales “is the city of the Coffee Region with fewer homicides so far this year.”

Piedrahita added that, according to the report (dated March 31), in the city there were 14 fewer deaths compared to 2018, which is equivalent to 32%, while traffic accidents and thefts decreased in 50%.

“There are six homicides less registered by the Departmental Police of Caldas and eight less checked by the Metropolitan Police of Manizales,” said the Secretary. He also stressed that the region has been free of armed conflict for nine years and is the only certified free of illicit crops for four consecutive years, according to figures released by the United Nations (UN).

On the other hand, reviewing the index of perception in security that is presented in the annual report of Manizales Cómo Vamos, it is noted that “this figure is practically the same as the previous year, because between 2017 and 2018, there was no increase important. The notable growth occurred between 2016 and 2017, going from 77 to 68, “said Natalia Escobar Santander, coordinator of this program.

However, Escobar said that Manizales exceeds the homicide rate, because according to the World Health Organization, the figure should be 10, but in the city is around 25 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants. “Manizales should focus its policies around the solution of this problem,” Escobar added.

For the Ministry of the Interior of Caldas, the only problem that currently concerns security issues is the increase of thefts, especially, cell thefts.

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