With an application they teach the periodic table in 3D


How boring is a chemistry class ?, that was the question that based the development of 3Dimitri, an application that shows the periodic table in 3D for high school students to learn about the chemical elements.

The project was developed by José Mateo Aristizábal and Rafael González Mejía, students of Electronic Engineering; María Gabriela Cortés Bohórquez, Electrical Engineering student and José Fernando Correa, professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The idea arose after applying some surveys at the Jaime Duque Grisales Educational Institution of Villamaría in which they found flaws in the handling of the periodic table, the students said that the chemistry class was boring and they wanted to use digital tablets better. They are currently doing a test
pilot in this school.

The application for now has the information that is vital for high school students as the elements, atomic weight and electronegativity. Also, it has some curiosities about chemistry for  teachers and students can use it in a more interactive way. 3Dimitri has two formats: one in 3D, which allows explaining how the Rare Earth elements should go in the back and not in the bottom part as it is represented in all the printed formats and digital and another in 2D, that by pressing one of the elements, presents its main properties.

The initiative will be in trial period during the rest of this year to make the necessary modifications and so that the professors of the institution can adapt. “The project is an advantage because TIC’s are improving the quality of education, and students like it a lot because it is interactive,” said Ester Julia Patiño, biology professor at the I.E. Jaime Duque Grisales.

The creators hope that at the end of the trial period can be implemented in others schools, explained Aristizábal.

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