They present a list of habits that affect the brain


Poor nutrition, smoking, exposure to contaminated environments, not getting enough sleep, consuming alcohol, maintaining high levels of stress, being violent, not playing any exercise, and lack of mental stimulations, are some of the activities highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO) that affect brain health.

“The brain needs food, oxygen and rest for giving a good function. In addition, it develops not only with mental stimulation, but also physical and we must remember that we must avoid intoxicating it. In the development phase of the brain, it is important to give good care to the organ, since during this stage the brain cells and neurons make connections between them” said the general doctor, Javier Gutiérrez Patiño. The professional also emphasized that depending on the type of stimulation new connections are generated, which is known as neuronal plasticity.

The students are not exempt from suffering these damages. According to Diana Flórez Acevedo, a nurse with a diploma in university teaching, the cares of academic life easily encourage the adoption of bad habits without being aware of them until the body emits alarm signals such as chronic fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration and creativity. What makes the academic day tedious.

The Colombian Association of Neurology estimates that there are more than 45,000 cases of cerebrovascular attacks (CVA) per year in the country. But also puts as a cause of the figure that approximately 38% of patients with this disease do not recognize the symptoms, which results in not receiving assistance on time. What leaves the stroke as the leading cause of disability in adults.

Experts recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having a balanced diet, meditation, relaxation, reading, exercising at least 3 days a week, in addition to avoiding exposure to toxic substances to reduce the risk of brain damages.

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