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Colombian adolescents show indifference to the use of condoms

The Konrad Lorenz University Foundation of Bogotá together with the University Corporation of the Coast and the Miguel Hernández University of Spain conducted a study of 1,100 young people in Colombia between the ages of 14 and 19 about the use of condoms. The results showed that only 22% of adolescents use condoms and 71% use them from time to time.

As for the city of Manizales, the psychologist specializing in sex education at the University of Caldas, Magdalena Villegas Arango, explains the possible reasons for this behavior in young people: “Adolescents in this age do not have brain enough mature to be able to predict the consequences that can come from a risky behavior “.

They donate tampons and towels in solidarity of a menstruation time

The collective Mujeres en Común (Women in Common) started with the Caja de Menstruación Solidaria (Solidarity Menstruation Box) since last week at the University of Caldas and the National University. The idea came after one of the members of the group, Maria Jose Cuervo, traveled to a university in Sao Paulo where she saw this initiative.

Cuervo explained that “we have not taken the boxes to other places in Manizales because first, we are observing the behavior of the girls towards the project”.

By Sofia Kolomiets 

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