University community now can get a grounding in computer security

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The open web applications security project (OWASP) is an international non-profit plan that is carried out every year with the purpose to inform and train the students on security on the web. It will be presented today at Manizales University. Jacobo Tibaquirá and Jaime Andrés Restrepo are in charge of this program. They have graduated from the faculty of the Systems and Telecommunications Engineering and now are pursuing their master degree in Security.

The event is addressed to anyone who is interested in computer security. “The main topics to be discussed are the issue of hacking and computer security, that is a subject that society has distorted”, Tibaquirá explained.

There will be presented the experiences and real cases will be analyzed: “The focus of this project is placed on the web; whithin this activity the experts in development expose the vulnerabilities that are found and how they should be treated”.

Mateo Rojas Giraldo, a student of Systems Engineering and Telecommunications, is motivated by the activity: “Speakers that are specialists in the field are presented. Seeing how the people who have just started and those who have years of experience are mixed is very interesting and enriching “.

There are only 100 places available. Those who are interested should access the OWASP webpage to register.

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